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These interactive Web-based learning experiences make it easy to explore science topics like biology, zoology, ecology, and more. In each lesson you will visit some of the best sites on the Web — many with videos or online games! Pick any topic that interests you.

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When you take the Ocelot Experience, you will set off on a virtual research assignment to study this rare and beautiful cat in its native habitat. Learn from your field notebook, practice using field research equipment, and then join Arturo Caso on an expedition to capture, study, and release a live ocelot. In English and Spanish.

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Matching animal pictures is one thing, but can you match animal diets? What about animal families? You get to try all three in this fun, interactive game of concentration, each with two levels of difficulty. A game clock ticks away the seconds. Challenge your friends to beat your best time!

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Get out your virtual paint brushes! It's time to create beautiful paintings of some of your favorite animals. Use our mouse-pointer paints, or print out blank pictures you can color in by hand. You can also write a few notes about each animal.

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